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unsafe. >> once we found the hot spots we took action. >> tce a cleaning solvent used by the military and the mudding semiconductor industry. a toxic solvent that leaked and spilled all over the area. leaks so extensive that it's now a epa super fund site. >> it will be decades to clean up the ground water. tce was found this 20 commercial buildings in the area. including among the structures two new google office billings where renovations allowed higher than expected levels of tce to leach into the air in the buildings where google employees worked. >> how long have hot spots been there? >> we don't know how long or how, you know, how they got there. >> these hot spots is have been there a while and the people have been living above them or with this air in their home, is that correct is this. >> we don't know. >> now the epa was so concerned about the levels of the tce in the two homes they immediately began putting ventilation systems in them. as for the office buildings including google's, the epa said is that they have systems to keep vapors outside of the buildings now in place
happen. >> reporter: they point to evergreen oil in newark. the company recycles used motor oil, and government records show it has a history of polluting, oil spill, explosions, major fire, including this one in 2011. we found hundreds of complaints stretching back to 1987. residents reporting difficulty breathing and nausea. >> sinuses would burn. and it just -- you just didn't feel like you could work outside. >> they have denied it, denied it, denied it. i do not think they're being regulated very well at all. >> reporter: evergreen has been cited by multiple local agencies from everything from leaked fumes to high levels of arsenic in waste water. source says the dtse could revoke evergreen's permits, but instead gave it a series of small fines. the dtse says its oversight is limited, which have the ability to look at both air and water, and we're not doing a good enough job. and we're trying to pawn off our responsibility. >> reporter: in 2000, whenever green was accused of illegally burning pcbs, a chemical linked to cancer, the company settled with the dtsc for $825,000.
out away from internet access on an excursion. they had been using skype and facebook to stay in contact and that contact has ceased. >> reporter: he's made up flyers that he's posting on facebook and with online travel groups. hoe just wants to know his friend and her boyfriend are safe. >> i want them to both know that we're looking for them and we want them to contact us and reach out to us and tell us that they're okay and with want them to be safe. >> reporter: the couple's family is reportedly in contact with authorities in peru and with the u.s. embassy there. friends and family are right now trying to come up with a game plan. but tonight, they're feeling pretty hopeless. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >>> new details tonight in the case of three people killed on a las vegas strip this week. one of them an oakland rapper. police are naming amare harris as the gunman. his arrest history includes kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault. police released this picture of a black range rover at an apartment complex. harris opened fire from the
. >> the reality of losing two officers sinks in, santa is coming together to grieve. >> they take care of us and this is our time to wrap our arms around them as well. >> details about the services are expected to be released as early as tomorrow. live in santa cruz, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. george kiriyama has the first responder who is found themselves caught in the crossfire themselves. >> the the police officers were not the only ones who were in harm's way. the firefighters who responded to the scene found themselves in the middle of gunfire and this right here is the fire truck that took four bullets. it was a chaotic scene using his body as a shield to protect a woman. >> the scene is not secure. >> as firefighters responded to the scene, they heard this on the radio. >> two patients, victims of gunshot wounds and the scene is not secure. >> the two victims were santa cruz police officers. butch baker and elizabeth butler. he shot and killed the officers on his doorstop. >> we don't respond with officers down. it's one we never want to go to. >> to 15 minutes later, fire
's monte francis is in oakland tonight with more on that for us. >> reporter: good evening. robert wasserman's firm $250,000 contract with the city of oakland to review the police dem and then make recommendations. he says he's still in the stage of gathering information but he did make some suggestions tonight. speaking to a packed community meeting at holy names university, police and consultant robert wasserman says he senses a desire in oakland for action and change when it comes to the city's growing crime problem. >> whether it's from rest dens of this area or folks that occupy it, it doesn't matter. there is energy. we have to get that energy focused. >> reporter: focusing that energy wasserman says means moving to a neighborhood policing model and rebuilding trust between the police officers and the community. it also means, he says, applying something called the broken windows theory. >> and there's a broken window and someone doesn't fission it you will get another broken window and the whole area will eventually deteriorate which e creates a breeding ground for crime.
is helping them tonight. >>> and catholic charities manages the apartment and tells us that many of them living there were formerly homeless families, including a number of children. >>> nobody was hurt in a fire in pacifica, happening at a towing yard on palmetto avenue. they linked the fire to the shop next door. >> 911, my building is on fire. there is a wrecking yard next door with cars and gas tanks. you can hear things blowing up at the time. okay? and then i ran out. >> investigators are still trying to determine a cause of the fire. >>> and scientists call yesterday's meteor crash in russia a wake-up call for man to spend more on the detection of meteors. >>> and more from the south bay with the plan to help save planet earth, hello, bob. >> reporter: good afternoon or evening to you, diane and terry, considering this fact, the astronomers have id 'd the meteor, but science has only identified 1% of the meteors. which means we don't know anything else about the other 99%, where they're located and most importantly, where they're headed. inside this nondescript office building in
. you guys make it fun for us to come out every day. it's nice getting back from a long road trip and you have got 40,000 plus screaming for you all night. >> it's a giant party. everyone is here to have a good time, meet the players. >> the giants have always been special to their fans. i have really appreciated their special rest to me. just allowing us to be here and go throughout the park. >> pitchers and catchers report for spring training tuesday. >> okay. a pet insurance company gives out an award to the most unusual claim. >> he was in some clothes. and he left the lid open. and she must have wandered in and jumped in. and we came back and dropped off more clothes and didn't know she jumped in there. >> the insurance company uses the ham bone award as a way to educate the public about what may happen to pets. all is well that ends will. >> here is a look over chilly san jose. we are going bring in rob who is tracking things from the weather center. we have a beautiful day making for a cold night. >> right now san oh jose down to 38 degrees. 42 in oakland. dipping into the
is in trouble with the law again. she hid her face from us when she went in the could you remember room. she spent four years in prison after lying about a receisevere finger in a chili bowl from wendy's. >> she has a history of manipulating the system. >> her son seen here was in court. police say he admitted he was lying about how he was shot. >>> he was hit with a 39-foot long section of steel track weighing 2,000 pounds and survived. a san jose man injured in a railroad construction accident is suing caltrans. he doesn't know if he will ever recover. he knows what happened to him cannot happen to anyone else. we have george in san jose. it has been four months since the accident, george. >> reporter: jose salazar used the word amazing several times. all he has been through and a coma, you can say is amazing. he was in a coma for about a month. jose had a fractured skull, broken back, broken ribs and punctured lung. on his birthday, the railroad worker woke up. amazing? call it a miracle. salazar doesn't remember anything that day in november when a 39-foot long and 1,800 pound steel trac
area, i would classify everett distrustful of the government, as many of us are. bomb squads will be out here tomorrow morning around 8:00. they will detonate the rest of the explosives that were found today. >> thank you, george. >>> more details on the proposed new gun laws. if passed, it would require all guns to be stored with a trigger lock or in a locked box when the owner isn't present. it would amend the use of a bullet button on a rifle to limit the speed of a magazine that's currently used. it's to prevent mass casualty situations. both bills are working their way through the legislature. >>> yeah. i -- >> pretty scary. >> i really thought, this could be the end. >> held hostage by the most wanted man in america. suspected cop killer christopher dorner was holed up in an empty big bear cabin for days. but yesterday morning, that all changed when the owners came home. the couple would spend 15 terrifying minutes with the fugitive. >> we saw so many pictures of him. when he talked to me, he said, i know you've been seeing me in the news. i know you know who i am. >> a
. >> oh. >> reporter: the dmv tells us it's registered to someone else, not you. >> oh, it must be my mother. >> reporter: nearly half the people we tracked were using a placard or plate registered to someone else. are you using a disabled placard for parking? >>. no. >> reporter: there is one on your dashboard. >> oh. >> reporter: we confirmed at least eight work for the county. is this your first time doing that? >> yes, today. >> reporter: we have you on multiple occasions using your mother's placard to park for free while you work. you work here? >> yes. >> reporter: so does this woman, who receives more than $100,000 in salary and benefits from the county. so do you think it's fair to use someone else's placard so that you can park for free all day? >> no, not particularly. i pay the city. i have a parking space. >> reporter: oh, you do? where is your parking space? >> i really need to go now. >> when you see video like this, what do you think? >> it's pretty egregious activity. >> reporter: dmv investigator calvin wu said the number of placards has nearly doubled in ten years. >
gun stores operate. requiring conditional use permits and requiring i.d. checks for ammunition sales. while town leaders debate the laws, andrea is hoping templar sports will leave. >> i would hope the gun store would move. >> reporter: supporters say the call to close the doors is unlawful. >> they've completed all the permits. they've gone through the paperwork that's required. i hate to see the sort of, i want to say bigotry pointed at them. >> reporter: three people tone store including a los gatos police officer. the managing partner assured the residents that he is operating within the law and promoting safety. >> we explained the laws to them. showed them how to properly secure the locks. >> reporter: the town council has heard more than three hours of public comment and has yet to hear the next steps and possibly updating the gun laws here. nbc bay area news. >>> i want to show you something that's frightening. what you're watching right now, you saw it there. a very head-on crash in oakland. sadly one person died in this crash and somehow three other people including the per
and military training give him a tactical edge. he knows the strategy police are using to hunt him down and he has no intention on surviving. >> you know he is armed and going to die one way or another. >> reporter: bay area police department will be reviewing safety and security plans and are looking to learn from this deadly situation. reporting live in san francisco. >> we dig deeper into the manifesto. he mentions several bay area figures including a high profile politician. >>> new at 11:00 on the upswing for the first time in years san jose mayor offered an optimistic view of the future in his state of the city address. we look at what is behind the numbers and a potential sales tax increase that may be looming on the horizon. >> reporter: mayor spent a good part of the speech talking about the police department. he would like to see more officers added to the force. there are fewer officers than in past year. and the investigative unit dug up numbers showing it sky rocketing. >> they are working hard. >> reporter: he knows the police are working longer hours. the investigative unit excl
the police steals the vehicle. >> they use stolen cars to commit robberies, burglaries and autotheft leads to everything. i was in heyward following a girl in a stolen car, get out, around, steal mail out of a bunch of mailboxes. >> stolen identities which also lead to more stolen vehicles. >> people are going into agencies and using credit cards to rent cars. >> reporter: he encourages drivers to use a steering wheel lock. >> obviously, it worked for me. i'm definitely going to keep doing that. >> reporter: according to the department of transportation, california is the worst state in the country for auto-theft which nationwide, happens every 33 seconds. so it's likely criminals somewhere have stolen three to four vehicles since the start of this report. >> well, the super bowl is just three days away. and the excitement is building. but unforchew natly for the 49ers, so is the controversy. tonight, instead of moving forward, there's another setback with the fragile relationship with the gay community. the it gets better project has pulled a 49ers' video. it features four players, but wh
is on the loose tonight after a wild escape from san jose police. juror kiriyama is with us tonight. how did this happen and is he considered dangerous? >> reporter: well, raj, yeah, he is considered dangerous. this is where san jose police found this man. let me tell you, found this man right near the almaden expressway. they are looking for this guy right now. they handcuffed him, put him in this unmarked police van earlier this afternoon. an officer was outside this van. he was distracted. he was doing some paperwork. and that's when anthony sanchez somehow slipped the handcuffs from the back of his body to the front, probably slipping them underneath his feet. at that point he jumped into the driver's seat and then took off. now sanchez is a 32-year-old man from san jose. he was arrested for some probation violation warrants. we are told he is big for his height. listen to this, 5'8" and 275 pounds. and neighbors who live on ren drive can't believe sanchez was able to escape from this. >> yeah, i was kind of shocked. who can do that? the guy, how can he get out of -- we kind of don't kno
in the purse. but was caught an hour later. >> it really got to us that kids were involved. >> reporter: it struck a chord with him. >> we do this job to help people out. and she's a prime example of a victim that needed help. we all got together and we made it happen. >> reporter: jimenez got her purse back, minus the money that was inside. the target department store hearing her story, donated a $100 gift card. the police gave toys, t-shirts and other gift cards. >> we were fine. we were safe. thank god he didn't do nothing to us. >> reporter: now, san jose has had more than 50 robberies in the first 2 months of this year. this includes businesses as well as person-to-person. we're live in san jose tonight. >> thank you, george. >>> new video just into our newsroom tonight. investigators are hoping these images provide clues as to whereabouts of an east bay couple that vanished in peru. surveillance cameras show garrity and jamie at a bus station in lima. this may be the last-known images of the pair. hand and neal embarked on a trip to south america. their bank activity suddenly stop
elle, nbc bay area news. >>> a warning tonight for americans in turkey after terrorists attack the u.s. embassy. a chaotic scene. police and ambulances in the capital city of ankara. a suicide bomber tonight identified as acevit sanly. he made to it the first x-ray machine and then detonated a bomb, killing himself and a turkish guard. he is linked to a previous terror attacks in the region. the turkish government says he was part of a radical leftist group. just last september, militants attacked the u.s. consulate in libya, killing four americans, including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens. >>> a man whose son is buried at a san jose cemetery says his son's resting place has been disrespected by the very people charged with caring for it. he is buried at oak hill memorial certainlitary on curtner road. he and his wife visit their son's grave every sunday. on the last visit, they were stunned to see all had been damaged, head stones knocked down. it turns out the maintenance crew was responsible. >> this is desecration. it's lack of respect there are some u.s. militar
man has spoken to investigators. >> he tell us basically what happened. he was not the one driving the boat. the man who passed away was the driver of the vessel. but the friend was able to tell us what he can remember. >> i can't say anything negative, because no one can. >> halshour's good friend says the world has lost a kind and loving family man. the two knew each other professionally as real estate appraisers and were very close. >> a very nice gentleman. a great grandfather. he loved his two sets of twins that he had, the grandchildren. >> reporter: in fact, says wrightman, the reason he moved from portland from florida was to be closer to his family. he and his wife were going to visit the bay area again in may, and at what time stay with him. the man who survived that speed boat crash is still in the hospital. investigators say they hope to have this case wrapped up by midweek. live in tiburon, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, terry. so how did he fall? rescue crews recovered the body of a hiker who died after falling 150 feet down a cliff at alum ro
worked for santa cruz pd. -- is survived by her partner. her family just shared this photo with us, e-mailing it to the newsroom just a short time ago. we're life in santa cruz with the latest, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, george, thank you. more details now on that suspect. jeremy goulet is 35 years old. reportedly in 2008, goulet was found guilty in portland, oregon of peeping at a woman as she showered. just this last friday the santa cruz sentinel says goulet was arrested by the santa cruz police for disorderly conduct. an employee of a local coffee shop told the paper goulet was fired saturday from his job as a barrista after he broke into a coworker's house friday night and tried to sexual assault her. as for that gunfight itself, it was in the middle of a quiet neighborhood surrounded by several preschools, and we do have that exclusive video. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney continues our coverage. terry? >> reporter: that video comes to us from a man by the name of thomas todd. he came home this afternoon as he does every day from work. but today the tragic even
. not so much though for us niner fans. dave feldman of comcast sportsnet is in new orleans with more for us tonight. >> greetings from new orleans. this super bowl champs are now the baltimore ravens. the 49ers were down but they were not out. they scored 17 unanswered points and made it a great game. but in the end the baltimore ravens win, 34-31. 49ers still have no reason to hang their heads. prior to the game, jim harbaugh, john harbaugh facing off. how about a hug? joe flacco to jones. 56 yards for the touchdown. 21-6, ravens are up at the half. and then the opening kickoff in the second half. more jones. 108 yards for the touchdown. it ties the longest kickoff return in super bowl history. holding momentum, batman. but a moment unlike any other. lights go out in the superdome for 34-minute delay. a momentum shifter. frank gore six yards for a touchdown. two tds in two minutes. 21 seconds. colin kaepernick, 15 yards. 4ers within two. the two-point conversion would fail. crunch time. final minute. kaepernick pressured up the middle. can't connect with crabtree. replay shows there
or tragedy, we can remember that it could have been us. >> our children are supposed to bury us. >> reporter: but that's helen's only wish right now, to lay her daughter to rest. >> she don't get buried, i can't -- >> reporter: and as her closest friends could see her now -- >> i would give her a hug an everything will be all right. >> reporter: many friends and neighbors saying they will continue to come here to the memorial every day this week to show the family support. meantime, the red cross has given shelter to the six displaced families, putting them up in oakland hotels. if you want to help with the burial the family asks that you contact a local non-profit catholic charities. >> stephanie, thanks very much. >>> two firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling flames. both are expected to be okay. the cause of faire is under investigation. >>> we have new information on the crash involving a speed boat and the ferry on the bay this weekend. one of the two men on board that steamboat has died from his injuries. the other is still in the hospital. the men were riding on a 22-foo
wonderful thing about janelle. >> she used to play with boys just the same. she was as tall as some of them. just a great sporty girl. she loved everything. she used to sit on the big rock over there and do her homework and thing. >> reporter: at green valley middle school where she was a student, a close friend only knows she's lost a friend and it hurts. >> i hope her soul is okay. and i hope she is doing good in heaven. she is in a better place now. >> reporter: fairfield police have announced they're going to be holding a news conference tomorrow at some point. it is not known if they'll be asking for help from the public or if in fact they have a resolution to this case. a resolution the people in fairfield say cannot come soon enough. live in fairfield, terry mcsweeney, bay area news. >>> happening now, four people are lortdly dead. two more missing after a powerful earthquake struck the solomon islands. the center of the 8.0 quake was located near the eastern part of the solomon islands known as the santa cruz islands in the south pacific. this still photo is one of the only aftermat
more than one woman was sent to the hospital. joining us for a union city with the latest. and, what do police have right now. >> we just learned that two people are in kcustody. they were both or rested here at union landing. now, if they carjacked the mercedes benz in fremont or ended up here in union landing. six smashed cars. >> we're kind of stuck here. >> shattered glass on the ground. your cars involved. they ought to have, the union lenny shopping center and saw their smashed up green -- and this was no movie. >> this is out of my control. so i just, you know. been kind of calm. called my insurance right away and give them my area. >> fremont play may be a total of five parked cars including of an suv. >> i'm pretty shocked because i parked it out pretty far from the theater. no one is going to hit it. >> a woman was sitting in that white nissan. she to be airlifted in the hospital. >> the hijacking the mercedes, he's waused all this mess. enjoying my son at the movies. a little before 1:00 there afternoon. officers spotted the car, went after the two car thieves. the s
. >> we begin with our chief meteorologist who joins us with the closer look at the size of tonight's event. >> let's just say it has to be extremely large in order tore the doppler radar to pick up anything like this. so i fine tuned the radar, telling the radar scan everything it can find in the lower atmosphere. from the type of those reports from 7:00 to 8:10 tonight, you can see this wave of green moving up from the peninsula and the north bay. that's a sign of unusual activity in the atmosphere. this is not fog, not rain but it's part of that meteor that streaked across the sky and or part of its contrail. it's a neat way to look at what happened as we're continuing to get the pictures in. as far as the trajectory goes, we started getting reports from st. helena and also walnut creek and then san francisco and finally a lot of you saw it in san jose, morgan hill and santa cruz. some of my estimates is the bay area troavel distance was somewhere near 140 miles. by all indications, it's some kind of meteor fireball. this is definitely something that caught a lot of our views ton
inside the superdome to witness the 49ers' final walk-through. after practice, matt shared with us what he saw. >> reporter: the lights will never shine more brightly on the 49ers than sunday in super bowl xlvii. saturday the 49ers had their final preparation, a walk-through at the super deal. what caught jim harbaugh's eye is the lights seemed frighter than the regular season. the 49ers had an ape-minute walk-through and hundreds of family and friends attended. the players signed autographs and posed for pictures with family members. the most popular guy was colin kaepernick. through all of this newfound stardom jim harbaugh says colin kaepernick has remained the same player, completely unwavered. in that says he feels the 49ers as a whole have fostered that. >> matt, thank you very much. much more about super bowl xlvii coming up a little later in sports. terry and diane, from the big easy, let's go back to you. >> dave, what are the niner fans like down there? i assume much cooler. >> what do you mean, much cooler than san francisco 49er fans in san francisco? they're pretty cool her
faces life in prison for attempted use of a weapons of mass destruction. his public defender today declined comment on the case, but llaneza is due back in court next wednesday. reporting live in san jose, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. the criminal complaint against llaneza claims his goal was to trigger a government crackdown followed by a right-wing attack, and eventually a civil war. our coverage continues the story on all you need to do is search fbi complaint and you can read the entire affidavit online. >>> we have new details on the murder of a controversial south bay millionaire. documents unsealed today reveal how ravi kumra was killed during a deadly home invasion at his monte sereno estate the suspects used packaging tape to blindfold and gag consume rachlt the suspects also tied the male victim's hands and feet behind his back. three men and a woman have been charged in connection with the case. police say kumra frequently hired prostitute, including the woman in custody. they think he turned over information about his mans
. >> not a good scenario. but tell us the damn truth. we haven't heard anything truthful to my knowledge. >> reporter: it's going to take some time for all of the passengers to get back on dry land. >> we're going to get out of sight on this boat. and we're going to stop at mcdonald's. it's nice to see civilization again. >> reporter: no doubt worth the wait, after what for most have been the longest and most difficult trip of their lives. it's a journey that for thousands will include another bus ride or plane ride back to texas where this wild trip started. >> thank you very much, jay. >>> a deadly valentine's day in east san jose. a man and a woman found shot to death. victims of an apparent murder/suicide. it happened along the 800 block of bermuda way. police believe the two were romantically involved and that the man shot the woman and then shot himself. there was a third person in the house at the time of the shooting. >> he was present inside the residence at the time. heard the gunfire. went upstairs to investigate. found the bodies and alerted the police department. >> police h
with nbc bay area's sam brock for tonight's reality check on the state of the union. sam joins us with a look at whether the president's claims for gun reform and proposals to boost the economy all ring true, sam. >> major issues, jessica. and above all else, we would say this. first, that the president's goal tonight was fairly simple. he had to make the case for his various policy proposals. now on gun reform, it was more of an emotional plea for improving minimum wage standards, the president took a more practical approach. but in both cases he needs the facts on his side. and in that regard there were mixed reviews. looking to strike an internal chord with the still tearful audience tuesday night, president obama shined the light on families victimized by gun violence. >> they deserve a vote. >> reporter: before making the following claim about passing new gun laws. >> overwhelming majority of americans, americans who believe in the second amendment have come together around common sense reform, like background checks that will make it harder for criminals to get their hands o
of the billboards in southern california. he's been on the run for almost a week. u.s. marshals say he might now be in mexico. the website tmz is reporting to have video that appears to have dorner buying scuba gear. >>> police are releasing details of a drug bust at a fair field home that led them to an unusual find. police found a baby alligator when they searched the home of a fair field couple accused of selling pot. they found marijuana, weapons and about $29,000 in cash. they were booked on weapons charges. the gator was turned over to the humane society. >>> he had a bright future. but tonight, a 20-year-old college student is dead and trying to figure out why. brandon wong was found unresponsive outside of his dorm on saturday night. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. his friend says that he attended a large house party that night. so far, the police don't suspect foul play. but they're trying to figure out what happened to him. he was studying biology at cal polly. >>> it's a tough lesson for the cal unified school district. an investigation found the district violated the civil ri
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